Cosmetic plastic packaging material procurement to pay attention to what cosmetic packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Cosmetic plastic packaging material procurement should pay attention to what the material of plastic bottles are usually for PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. Usually used in cosmetics class container wall thick cream bottle, bottle caps, bottle stoppers, gaskets, pump head, dust cover for injection molding; PET bottle blowing for two-step forming, tube embryos for injection molding, finished product packaging for the bottle blowing. Other such as container wall thinner lotion bottle, washing bottle to bottle blowing. PET materials for environmental protection material, high barrier property, qualitative light, no broken properties, chemical resistance, transparency is extremely strong, can make magnetic bead light, color, white, transparent, widely used in hold gels water. Bottle for general standard of 16 # #, # # 18, 22, 24 diameter, can be used with the pump head. Acrylic material for plastic bottle, chemical resistance is poorer, generally cannot directly paste, need to match the tank, filling not too full, prevent the paste into the bladder and acrylic bottle, lest produce cracks, transport packaging of the demand is higher, because of the cut after look particularly evident, high permeability, sensory on wall thickness, but the price is quite expensive. The AS, ABS, AS better transparency in ABS, and good toughness. Your order for 10000 commonly, can decide the color, usually do primary grinding and magnetic white is given priority to, or effect of pearl powder, bottle and cover with the same quality of the mother, but sometimes due to the bottle and cover with the material of different, show some of the color difference. Screen printing with ordinary ink and UV ink, UV ink has good effect, luster and stereo feeling, should first play when production version to confirm color, screen printing effect will be different in different material. Bronzing, hot silver, such as processing and printing gold powder, silver powder effect on distinguishing, hard material and smooth surface is suitable to bronzing, hot silver, soft surface decoration effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot stamping silver gloss printing golden silver. Screen printing film to be negative, graphic effect for black color, background color is transparent, bronzing, hot silver process to a positive, graphic effect for transparent, background color for the black color. Text and design ratio cannot be too small too thin, otherwise the printing effect. Cosmetic plastic bottle packaging need very detail processing market differentiation is more and more obvious, the growing momentum of development of male cosmetics, the speed of the development of ms immediately to catch up with the development of cosmetics, more and more cosmetics manufacturer of plastic bottles into the research and development, become a better myself. Cosmetic plastic packaging and ms will have the very big difference, especially in appearance on the male is more to highlight the concept of the product and distinguishes between personality, believe that the manufacturer will know, must want to have differentiation, highlight the masculine style, wild details such as product characteristics; More and more fierce competition in the domestic cosmetics market, forcing many foreign brands are decided to measure the Chinese market; Domestic cosmetics want go better without plastic packaging design is an important link, lots of cosmetics in China have their own main elements and characteristics, such as: red pomegranate, pearl, grass bouquet sets, etc. , in the cosmetics packaging will draw lessons from the inspiration of this design is highlighted and; This is just a way of thinking, highlight the characteristics and features, not stuck in the past, actively absorb some successful experience in cosmetic plastic bottle design elements and concepts, etc; And some special packaging purposes will make you more popular; Manufacturers need to better cater to the market; The development of plastic packaging manufacturers constantly research and development of new products and new markets.
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