Cosmetic plastic hose in the cosmetics packaging of green environmental protection

by:Lisson     2020-05-20
With the advancing the concept of environmental protection, packaging industry also unceasingly, the green environmental protection plastic market is shrinking, to get a better development in the future, plastic packaging must be improved variety increase the green environmental protection can promote the development of their own. As the plastic packaging in the packaging industry occupies the proportion of more and more high, the proportion of green environmental protection is also improved. Today's cosmetics plastic hose can directly replace the other material of hose, and cosmetic plastic hose is now has a lot of advantages. Have other material has the effect of hose, food hose manufacturer can replace other material of the hose. To seize the concept of environmental protection will be able to follow the market expand their business, completes the technical research and development. 1. Innovation and r&d plastic new materials and new processing technology, make more excellent plastic plastic hose cosmetics packaging materials, and use the new materials of high performance, realize packaging materials reduction, reducing plastic packaging new materials. 2. Enhance and improve plastic recycling processing technology, make the plastic hose cosmetics packaging material recycling, improve and eliminate the hidden trouble of the white pollution caused plastic packaging materials, improve the utilization rate of resources. 3. Intelligent development of advanced packaging technologies, such as daily hose manufacturer use part of the plastic packaging material has characteristics such as edible, water-soluble, reduced discharge of packaging waste, improve the security environmental protection performance of plastic packaging. 4. Development of bio-based plastics, effectively regulate biological degradation time and cycle, the biological plastic packaging materials into full play functions at the same time, to reduce and eliminate the plastic hose cosmetics packaging materials on the ecological environment pollution and influence. 5. Push plastic blending technology, plastic additives and application of new technology progress and development, on the premise of non-toxic, health, environmental protection, using low cost technology to make plastic hose cosmetics packaging material performance, provide possible for reduction.
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