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by:Lisson     2021-03-01

In today's economic globalization, packaging and commodities have been integrated. As a means of realizing commodity value and use value, packaging plays an extremely important role in the fields of production, circulation, sales and consumption. It is an important subject that the business community and design have to pay attention to. What are the elements of cosmetic packaging?  
The packaging design of cosmetics is a unique art. This art does not blindly pursue simple 'beauty', but combines art and technology, aesthetics and science, and finally realizes the perfect combination of practicality and decoration. .

Combing and researching the concept and content of modeling status, packaging modeling positioning, gender characteristics of packaging design, artistry and technology of modeling design, and cultural features, exploring the reference, practicality and in-depth performance of modeling elements in cosmetic packaging design On the basis of sex, the method of extracting the styling elements in cosmetic packaging design is summarized and summarized.
1. Demonstration on the application of styling elements in cosmetic packaging design, discussing several principles that should be followed in cosmetic packaging design, namely, artistic principles, technical principles, cultural principles and human-oriented practical design principles. So as to provide a theoretical basis for exploring the inherent combination of styling elements and cosmetic packaging design.
2. Through analysis and summary, it looks forward to the development trend of cosmetic packaging design, in which personality, innovation and environmental protection are the three most critical points.
3. Have a new understanding of the connotation of the relationship between cosmetic packaging and the product itself, that is: cosmetic packaging design is a synthesis of art and technology, innovative artistic sense is the soul of packaging, and superb technology is the conveyance of artistic charm The guarantee function and beauty constitute an inseparable shape. 
Packaging design is the synthesis of art and technology. Innovative artistic sense is the soul of packaging, and superb technology is the guarantee for the transmission of artistic charm. Design works that are truly praised by people cannot be the simple stacking of materials or the display of complex craftsmanship, but they are often moved by innovative spirit and wonderful creativity, and are the beauty unearthed from the mediocrity of a thousand people.

What are the specifications for cosmetic packaging design

There are many cosmetic packaging design specifications, including packaging trademarks, patterns, colors, shapes, materials, etc. These components have certain design specifications. Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. should follow the brand on the basis of considering the characteristics of the product. Some basic principles of design, when art and commerce complement each other, the business value of packaging will have unlimited possibilities. Next, Guangzhou Lisson Plastic Co., Ltd. will introduce the specifications of cosmetic packaging design from packaging categories, materials, layout and printing.

There are many types of cosmetics, including solid cosmetics, solid granular (powder) cosmetics, liquid, emulsion and paste cosmetics, spray cosmetics, etc. Different cosmetics have different design styles and specifications. For example, the packaging design of liquid, emulsion cosmetics and cream cosmetics. This type of cosmetics is the largest in number, and the packaging forms are also rich and varied. They mainly include: glass bottles of various shapes and specifications (including wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles, which are generally used for higher-end cosmetics or volatile, easy to penetrate, and contain organic Solvent cosmetic packaging, such as nail polish, hair dye, perfume, toner, etc.; composite film bags of plastic bags (usually used in economical bags of cosmetics or packaging of lower-grade cosmetics); plastics of various shapes and specifications Bottles (generally need to be exquisitely decorated and printed). For this cosmetic packaging design, we can improve the grade of cosmetics from the color-printed carton design of the outer packaging.

Cosmetics are products of fashion, which can reflect consumers' pursuit of aesthetic consciousness. In order to satisfy different consumption levels, the specifications of packaging containers are becoming more and more diversified. Maishang believes that cosmetic packaging design should pay attention to the expression of temperament and the publicity of individuality. However, the cosmetics market is highly competitive, and many companies have increased their investment in packaging design. The packaging design of medium and low-end cosmetics is often diversified, which is convenient for consumers to choose, while the packaging of high-end products adopts small-volume design to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the consumer psychology of young girls due to curiosity. .

Another specification for cosmetic packaging is the serialization of design. What is the packaging design of cosmetics series? To put it simply, it is the unity of the corporate image. The styles of different products have a unified tone, with differences in similarities and similarities in differences, both diversification and a sense of integrity. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are generally two situations:

One is a series of cosmetics with the same brand and the same main function but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics with the same brand and the same function but different formulations, which are serialized in the packaging design. For example, various moisturizers of a certain brand have the main function of skin care but different auxiliary functions. Another example is that of various facial cleansers of a certain brand, their functions are cleansing, but they have different formulas. For such series of cosmetics, the packaging design should conform to the characteristics of serialized packaging design, which not only achieves the role of series packaging, but also facilitates consumer choice.

The second is: a complete set of serialized packaging of cosmetics of the same brand and different functions to facilitate consumers' purchase, while keeping the overall price lower than the total price of individual purchases. For example, a series of cosmetics of a certain brand maintain the overall design style, and then use larger containers to package various cosmetics as a sales unit for overall sales.

Packaging is the silent salesperson of the company. Cosmetic packaging correctly conveys the company's brand concept and product characteristics, combines popular fashion elements, constantly changes styles, conforms to the needs of young consumers' personalized development, and expresses the aesthetic tastes of consumers at different levels.
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