Cosmetic packaging design specifications

by:Lisson     2021-03-01

Everyone can come into contact with a variety of cosmetics, and the packaging of these cosmetics seems to be different. In fact, cosmetic packaging has many specifications, such as trademarks, patterns, words, etc. When designing cosmetics packaging, these The norms must be followed. Let's talk about the key points of cosmetic packaging design.

1. Aesthetic principles

Many cosmetics belong to mass consumer products. The packaging design of such products generally must conform to the principles of public aesthetics, and at the same time must conform to the aesthetics of the industry. Only by following such norms can the advantages of the products be reflected.

2. Trademark

When designing cosmetics packaging, the product's trademark must not be ignored, and the trademark must be in a more conspicuous position, which must be reserved when designing.

Cosmetics packaging design

3. Text content

In order to better explain the product, there must be detailed text content when designing cosmetics packaging, and the font of these content must also be standardized, and some unconventional fonts cannot be used in the important introduction part.

Plant product packaging design cosmetics requirements

Plant-based cosmetics are now very popular, because most of these products are made of natural raw materials, so they have greater protection in terms of health. Although people pursue beauty, they also hope to be healthy and harmless in the pursuit of beauty. Therefore, natural plant cosmetics have naturally become a hot topic. What are the requirements for the packaging design of plant cosmetics?

1. Close to nature

In order to reflect the plant theme of cosmetics, more natural elements can be added when designing the packaging, so that consumers can clearly feel the pure nature of the product, thereby increasing confidence in the product.

2. Plant logo

Some plant logos can be added to cosmetic packaging, such as adding natural patterns of raw materials, which can also make the plant theme of cosmetics more obvious, which is also helpful for consumer recognition.

Product packaging design

3. Exquisite and beautiful

For cosmetics products, consumers are more pursuing exquisiteness and beauty. Therefore, when designing the packaging of such products, more efforts should be made in art to meet consumers' beauty needs.

According to different products, the requirements of packaging design will also be very different. For example, for cosmetics, the packaging design is very particular. Nowadays, the popular plant cosmetics are very popular with consumers because of their pure natural green health. Here are some related packaging design techniques.

1. Use of color

If you want to increase the visual effect of cosmetic packaging, you must pay attention to the use of colors on the packaging, which is the main visual effect presentation element, such as using green as the main color, which is more in line with the plant theme.

2. Pattern

The pattern on the cosmetic packaging is a very important part, and many characteristics of the product can be expressed through the pattern design. Botanical cosmetics packaging can use more plant patterns, which will look more appropriate.

Cosmetics packaging design

3. Fashion sense

People who like makeup usually pursue fashion. In order to meet the psychological needs of consumers, it is necessary to increase this sense of fashion when designing the packaging of plant cosmetics.

Organic cosmetics packaging design skills

Competition for product packaging has always existed. As more and more products are on the market, this competition has become more intense. For example, organic cosmetics are now a popular category of cosmetics, and the competition among various products is extremely fierce. So what are the tips about organic cosmetics packaging design?

1. Highlight the key points

Each cosmetic has its own characteristics and advantages. In order to convey this information to consumers, it is necessary to highlight the key points when designing product packaging, so that consumers can understand the core advantages of the product as soon as they see the packaging.

2. Bright colors

In order to improve the recognition of the product, some brighter colors can be used when designing cosmetic packaging, or the contrast between colors can be increased, which can also effectively increase the exposure of the product.

Cosmetics packaging design

3. Fashionable and beautiful

The target group of cosmetics is women. In order to satisfy the beauty of women, the packaging design of cosmetics must conform to the concept of fashion and beauty, and create a unique aesthetic culture.

Cosmetic packaging design requirements

Everyone is no stranger to cosmetics. Nowadays, there are many kinds of cosmetics. Although the market is huge, the competition of cosmetics cannot be ignored. In order to be able to create a successful cosmetics, packaging design must not be ignored. Only excellent packaging can drive product sales. Here are some requirements for cosmetic packaging design.

1. In line with aesthetics

The main people who use cosmetics are women, and it is their nature to love beauty. Therefore, when designing cosmetics packaging, it is necessary to start from the female aesthetic direction. Only packaging that meets the female aesthetics will be welcomed.

2. Popular elements

In fact, cosmetics are also a kind of fashion products. When designing the packaging of such products, some popular elements must be incorporated to make the packaging form a unique pop culture, which can effectively consolidate the status of the product.

Cosmetics packaging design

3. Unique creativity

Everyone sees too many cosmetics, and there is often some aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, some unique creativity can be added when designing the packaging, so that the product can bring consumers a bright feeling.

Cosmetic packaging design concept

Nowadays, the popular cosmetics are relatively excellent in terms of packaging design. This kind of cosmetics is not only of good quality, but the packaging design also meets the needs of consumers, so it can become a popular product. In the process of various cosmetics competition, packaging is also part of the competition. What are the concepts of cosmetics packaging design?

1. Fashion

People who are keen on makeup are naturally more fashionable. Therefore, when designing cosmetics packaging, you should not be too conservative. You should incorporate more fashion culture, so that the products will be more in line with consumers' wishes.

2. Connotation

A kind of cosmetics can become hot, which cannot be separated from the culture attached to this product. When designing packaging, it is necessary to reflect the connotative culture of the product, so that it can really set off the product trend.

Cosmetics packaging design

3. Beautiful

Most cosmetics are used by women, and beauty is the nature of women, so when designing cosmetics packaging, it is necessary to follow the concept of beauty, so as to meet women's beauty needs.
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