Cosmetic packaging concept

by:Lisson     2021-04-14

Cosmetic packaging is an effective way to attract customers to promote consumption while protecting cosmetics. It is very helpful to expand sales. With the development of the market economy and the changes of the times, people's ideas are also changing. Cosmetics Packaging should be constantly innovated and reformed, so as to keep up with people's continuously changing concepts and pursuits. Only by comprehensively considering various factors can designers design more convenient cosmetic packaging that is popular with customers. The following article will introduce some cosmetic packaging design concepts to you, hoping to provide you with some insights and ideas for working in cosmetics.

1. Environmental protection concept

In recent years, our country has paid more and more attention to environmental protection. The concept of green water and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain goes deep into all departments. From the perspective of ecological environment protection, cosmetics packaging materials should be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, not only can reduce costs, Moreover, it can reduce the pressure of customers to buy. In addition, it is also a very wise choice to increase the utilization rate of cosmetic packaging, increase circulation, and resist excessive packaging. Only by taking the path of protecting the ecological environment can the brand have the driving force for sustainable development.

2. Application concept

The packaging of some cosmetics is very good-looking, and the bells and whistles are easy to attract consumers, but people do not buy back after the first purchase and use. Most of the reasons are that the packaging box is too tasteless, or it is easily damaged or the design is unreasonable. It is very inconvenient. In this case, even if the products inside are good, it will not save the customer’s return rate. Therefore, the practical concept is that every cosmetic packaging designer must consider and implement, such as compression resistance and water resistance. , Light blocking, fragrance retention, etc., are all important factors that need to be considered in addition to the quality of the product itself.

Third, the concept of humanization

The largest consumer group of cosmetics is female friends. From their perspective, starting from their consumer psychology, the cosmetic packaging that is designed is more attractive. Since each cosmetics application object is positioned, it is The design can be subdivided according to the age of female friends, adopt different design schemes, and implement different design styles, but no matter which one must remember to reflect the level of cosmetics, and reflect its safety and texture.

In short, no matter what style of cosmetic packaging design, we should try our best to adopt environmental protection, applicability and humanization concepts. Only in this way can it be more in line with the requirements of modern cosmetic packaging design, and it will be easier to stand out in the face of fierce competition.

The retail sales of cosmetics in my country is 299.2 billion yuan. According to estimates, the cosmetics packaging market is about 8.67 billion yuan.

The packaging of cosmetics led by Generation Z presents four core demands: 1. Fast packaging and continuous digital transformation have made the communication between brands and consumers never so equal and convenient, fast iteration, good products inexpensive, attractive and connotative, Lazy + smart... Cosmetic packaging is closely related to the rapidly changing ecological chain; 2. Integrating art into life, as a fashion and beauty industry, beauty packaging more frequently turns its attention to art cross-border to achieve brand shaping and Upgrade; 3. Unique, interesting, interactive, unique communication and topical packaging is bringing more surprises to the market; 4. Safe and environmentally friendly, with the continuous penetration of the concept of 'sustainability, safety and environmental protection It is an important factor to impress consumers born after 95 and 00. '

With the promulgation and implementation of the 'Regulations on Cosmetics Supervision and Administration', the functions of technological innovation and packaging innovation in the value chain of the cosmetics industry have become more prominent. In the future, industrial innovation needs packaging assistance, and there is also a new round of industrial opportunities hidden here.

According to the data from Fortune Business Insights, the shrinking label market is worth 10.37 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and it is expected to be worth 15.55 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.52%. Labels cover a wide range of daily chemical products, from kitchen to bathroom, from shower gel to cleaning products, and the labels of daily chemical products must not only be beautiful, but also must withstand long-term use.

Peixin's low-temperature shrink film (PET) is used in products that are more sensitive to heat. It can shrink the film at a relatively low temperature and prevent the product from chemical changes due to heat; medium/high-temperature shrink film (PET) is suitable for The shrinkage rate of bottles with large diameter differences is as high as 78%; compared with the common labeling and direct printing of the bottle body of daily chemical products, the shrink film has plasticity, flexibility, scratch resistance, waterproof, UV blocking, recyclability, Cost reduction...all provide more choices for high-end daily chemical packaging.

In addition, as a one-stop supplier of materials, printing and equipment, Peixin can also provide a series of characteristic application solutions of 'film material-printing-sleeve label / labeling' for daily chemical product labels.
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