Cosmetic industry is closely related to packaging machinery

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Dongguan xiang plastic bottles in the factory today and we discuss the present status of the packaging machine using cosmetics bottles industry in China, plastic bottles can be seen everywhere in our life, is more important for some industries, because of the quality of the bottles look, affect the sales points minutes, together with the following understanding: although the domestic current situation of the daily chemical industry packing machinery used in recent years, domestic chemical industry obtained fast development, products is greatly increased, but some cleaning products used packaging machinery technology level is not high. In a packaging technology, washing powder filling equipment situation is not optimistic. And the domestic use of bag making, filling and sealing of one-stop filling lines is not many, most enterprises is using a single filling machine. And liquid washing products, personal care products and cosmetics packaging machinery usage is relatively better, a few large liquid detergent products manufacturers such as white, love is the use of foreign advanced liquid filling production line, no matter from production speed or from the point of view on the quality of the products are in a leading position. With the rapid development of the domestic chemical industry, with the constant improvement of the mechanical manufacturing technology, believe in the future, more advanced cosmetic packaging equipment will in domestic cosmetic companies play a more important role. Secondary packaging equipment in the field of chemical application in fast rising trend. With the intensification of competition in the industry and some cosmetic companies mergers and reorganization, cosmetic enterprises demand for some secondary packaging equipment has increased. Contract equipment, automatic identification equipment, packing, sealing device are increased obviously. This trend is inevitable, in the future time, secondary packaging technology will also play a more important role in chemical field. Chemical industry in the next few years the demand for packaging machinery to predict people's living standards continue to improve, the requirement to the quality of life is becoming more and more high, consumer demand for personal care products and cosmetics is also increasing. Now there are many consumers like small capacity of products and cosmetics, this makes both washing supplies, personal care products and cosmetics production enterprise in the field of products are extremely concerned about the accuracy of the measurement, because these products are small doses, inaccurate measurement will be relatively large deviation, and some cosmetic value is very high, precise measurement can save a lot of the cost of production for the enterprise. The demand of the market decided in the next few years, the measurement precision of packaging machinery will get the favour of enterprise bigger. Due to daily chemical industry is very competitive at present, many small businesses have been crushed, lead to some large enterprises by way of merger and reorganization of the enterprise scale is bigger and bigger. In this case, the high efficiency of production can bring more benefits to the enterprise and competitiveness. The trend of the development of the industry is bound to lead to chemical enterprise demand for high speed, high degree of automation equipment. In the next few years, the gearing, form a complete set of production line will be more get the favour of daily chemical enterprises. Dongguan xiang plastic products, in the 10 years of professional custom plastic containers production technology, professional production: cosmetic bottles, lotion bottle, cream bottle, lotion bottle, shampoo bottle, shampoo bottle, etc. , a series of daily necessities bottle, made according to customer requirements to provide HDPE, PP, PET, PS, such as acrylic, liberally.
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