Concerns analysis of plastic packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Now, technology changes with each passing day, by leaps and bounds. The emergence of a variety of products quickly delivery be replaced. The universal charger, for example, flooding the market for a time. With the development of the market, especially the change of the mobile phone, universal charger quickly eliminated by the market, based on these market realities. Many of our plastic industry professionals, there are a lot of time will feel the crisis. When the plastic bottles will be eliminated, will be replaced. The concern is not unfounded. First, plastic raw materials from oil, the oil is non-renewable resources, have dried up one day, how to find the new raw materials to manufacture plastic bottles, otherwise cannot be sustained development. Secondly, policy risk, because the white pollution, plastic bags and the plastic ban ban. Plastic pollution also exists, therefore also faces the risk of policy. However, the author thinks that plastic bottle packaging technology in the unceasing progress, lightweight, recycling, etc. Have been improved. As a result, the plastic packaging does not need too much worry.
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