Color pigments for cosmetic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-19
Recently, in the highly competitive cosmetics market in Japan, there is only one unique European packaging technology grabbed people's attention, have a significant effect. Shiseido cosmetics Beauty Voltage of packaging is to use the color pigment. This kind of pigment called Variocrom, can make the bottle, hose and cans appearance with a pearly luster, color changes from red to gold, suddenly began to transform from gold to red, have this kind of effect, highlighted the product of luxury and high, highlighted the fashion and it can't buy elsewhere. Products make the skin smooth, stable can help packaging processing, make the surface more smooth. Because the packaging is cosmetics determinants of success, so only for shiseido products constantly perfect appearance. The flash like TuZhu mother will display various luster pigment according to the observation Angle. Combined with the traditional color pigments, they have the effect of various chromatography, accord with the requirement of shiseido for special color. No matter use PP, or made of PET, show four different types of products to protect skin to taste container compelling.
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