Chuzhou skincare packing well-known enterprises

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Chuzhou skincare packing well-known enterprises 1, the distributor can be divided into tying type and screw type two kinds, will tell from the function is divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve, vacuum flask of truck, are equipped with sensors, collect each truck position, speed, load information, and through the cloud to headquarters, can show not only tens of thousands of truck real-time position and status, can also be combined with information and loading of the goods by the algorithm of artificial intelligence, automatic mixing and path of each truck, and automatic feedback to each truck GPS, save a lot of cost. 2, mold fee: bottle blowing mold for 1500 yuan, 8000 yuan 4000 yuan, the injection mould for - 20000 yuan, the mold with stainless steel material more expensive than alloy material, but durable, die a few at a time, see the demand of production, such as production is bigger, can choose one out of four or six of the mold, the client may decide. 'He said,' for this kind of situation, it is necessary to implement the protection tax, to further strengthen the protection system construction. 'In the environmental protection tax law review stage, whether also can aggravate the burden of enterprises has been the focus. She added that the two systems of one big difference is that the environmental protection tax taxpayer tax credit grade of the reduction, namely the taxpayers or taxable air pollutants discharged water pollutants density under provisions of thirty percent, green taxes shall be levied at a reduced seventy-five percent. Low price winning project delay time limit for a project, engineering, the risk of malicious discharges. Companies may at the expense of the project construction or lower cost. Low price bidding such as malicious competition what consequences. 'Phenomenon of deviating from the vicious bidding of project cost competition, has been seriously damage the overall interests of the environmental protection industry, should cause highly and alert. Guangzhou plastic bottle manufacturer decryption plastic production and processing for you! 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 In 2018, in the draft, on the basis of further modification method of soil pollution is expected to fast, to provide legal protection to fight pollution to be completed, soil management demand is expected to accelerate the release. Soil repair industry in China has just started, facing the repair cost is high, the repair of soil block the reality of the situation was complex, and the main responsibility should be looking for money, to build the business. Guangzhou plastic bottle manufacturer decryption plastic production and processing for you! Length measurement: length of straw ( From the gasket to the hose end or FBOG length) 。 The leakage length. And start measuring length (under the big Is exactly equal to the length of the shoulder to the bottom of the bottle bottle) 。 3, PET material for environmental protection, high barrier property, qualitative light, no broken properties, chemical resistance, sex is extremely strong, but make it white, pearl, colored, magnetic, widely used in hold gels water. Bottle mouth is usually 16 # #, # # 18, 22, 24 diameter, can be used with the pump head. Under the policy of good soil remediation technology made great progress in our country. Soil leaching and in situ heating, microbial treatment, chemical oxidation reduction relatively mature soil remediation technologies are actually used in soil and groundwater in the repair project. Soil repair industry is on the rise. However, the current domestic soil repair industry has just started, still need to be from the survey, risk control, management and restoration build and improve the whole industry chain. Soil repair market socialization to accelerate the third party testing institutions to meet the dividend in China began to carry out the contaminated soil census, in 2005, published in 2014, the soil pollution condition investigation communique said the actual investigation of our country in the area of 630 square kilometers, the soil point of pollutants which is 16. 1%, with a slight proportion, mild, moderate and severe pollution level of 11 respectively. 2%, 2. 3%, 1. 5% and 1. 1%. Energy research institute researcher, said jiang short-term, green taxes won't brings to the enterprise and industry tax is imposed. For green taxes tax, he further analysis, the only tax is not lower than corporate governance costs, companies have an incentive to control pollution, if is lower than the cost of governance, it is not willing to governance, environmental taxes directly. 6, the selection principle of materials, large area with 40 g to 80 g of whole viscose or blended, stick a small area with more than 60 g, such as eye, nose film, etc. , the specific planning of the products as the guidance. The important factors influencing the PET bottle blow molding technology has a bottle preform, heating, blowing, mold and production, etc. Available air-launched measure method. 270 - GF - 295 ℃, enhance the level PET can be set to 290 - 315 ℃, etc.
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