Children's cosmetics bottle packaging utility should be considered

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Cosmetics market after years of development, has formed a complete product line, category for adult female, adult male market, the elderly and children has the corresponding to different products. The children's class for the development of cosmetics market is relatively less. Corresponding to the children's class cosmetics bottle packaging is single. At present, the class for children's cosmetics bottles, all cosmetics manufacturer in the form of the cartoon theme. This kind of cosmetics bottles, of course, is the kids love it. Today, however, the author thinks that is a cartoon class cosmetics bottle packing can't completely accords with the habits of children. After all to cosmetics bottle into a cartoon image, will abandon cosmetics bottle packaging convenience. After all, for kids to use cosmetics bottles, convenience and human nature is also very important. Therefore, we hope in the future cosmetic packaging design, must be both appearance and practical. Only in this way can cosmetics bottle packing conforms to the children's needs
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