Chifeng city cosmetics packaging how to deal with

by:Lisson     2020-06-10
Chifeng city cosmetics packaging how to deal with five plastic factory, printing technology guangzhou decryption plastic production and processing for you! PET home air qualified yet. Formaldehyde, PM2. 5, VOCs, AQI data can be think when testing them when testing, see the excellent representative of leverage, was instantly relieved. I always think, home to fit inside the plastic bags to go to the supermarket, harvest a shopping bag; Tomorrow the mi a little snacks, harvest a shopping bag; The day after tomorrow to eat fruit, and shopping bag of a harvest. Under the impetus of the 'tax-for-fees reform', university of finance and economics research team, said green taxes will be far more than the current discharge, levy or 50 billion yuan. University ecological LanHong deputy director of the center for financial research, said green taxes increase of enforcement, for 'three wastes' good processing enterprise, and to a certain extent, the third party management, expand the environmental protection industry of cake. Three is deepening the main pollutant emissions, changing unit decomposition according to administrative areas so as to control the total indicators, through the implementation of discharge permit system, establishing and perfecting the enterprise or business unit total amount control system, control in key river valleys and industrial, agricultural, life and the source pollutants. Four is to vigorously develop circular economy, promote park loop transformation, strengthen urban waste treatment and the comprehensive utilization of solid waste. According to the market situation in recent years, many experts, by 2020, the centrifugal pump imports will reach $5 billion, more than 4. 9 billion beauty centrifugal pump importer in the United States. In addition, the development of energy also is an important factor in centrifugal pump imports. The stand or fall of production also has great influence for technology, constant temperature conditions to maintain process and product. PET bottle blow molding generally at room temperature and low humidity conditions is preferred. Ten, carton 1, the material of plastic bottles are usually for PP, PE, K, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. 'Excess low, the lack of' problem for environmental protection equipment industry, particularly. At the same time, environmental protection equipment. Many companies have been calling for accelerate the construction of environmental protection technology transition, namely formulate environmental protection equipment products and industry, some still should be mandatory. In addition, the personage inside course of study also concern policy drive the cause of environmental protection equipment market volatility. According to statistics, 2000, 30 billion, 53 billion, 2005, 200 billion, 2010, 620 billion, 2016, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry's average annual growth remain above 20%. Is expected in the industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry in 2018 will exceed 850 billion yuan GDP, and hit the 1 trillion mark in 2020 annual output value of the target. This file for criminal cases, legal, behavioral evidence collection and use of how series work of departments at all levels, build a long-term mechanism to make the deployment of cohesion. In addition, also includes the file contents for the establishment of the information sharing platform of the crime, work out detailed rules for the implementation of requirements place according to the actual requirements, coordinate all aspects of the work. Should be required to make overall planning, break the information island, do the PPP is big, can realize the real finance affordable, otherwise it is easy to become a pattern. In laws and regulations in the dragon said, mature, business investment rights and interests will be more secure, encounter problems can rely on local legal way to solve, investment projects can be within the red line through consultation for the project land according to the execution. Industrial pollution control in our country, therefore, need from 'who pollution, who is responsible for' to 'polluters responsibility, third party governance, and polluters and through third party governance contract constraint' mutual governance changes. According to statistics, by the end of 2013, about 55% of the newly built sewage treatment plants and 80% of the newly built incinerators by franchising and so on, compared with less than 5% of industrial enterprise pollution management socialization. E) Design for FuYin specification requirements, such as hot stamping film should be negative, other positive, must adapt to printing characteristic composition. Four, coloring process 10, in production when using screen printing bottles, should pay attention to avoid from ultra handling or collision, avoid scratch the screen printing effect, selecting rational when production.
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