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by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Cosmetics use leaves numerous cosmetic or boxes, reluctant to throw away, every time want to recycle and do not know how to use. A small bottle of bottle can also be used to decorate traveling or on a business trip to use cosmetics, so exquisite packaging bottle to do? Threw it's too bad. Xiang plastic in the novel some cosmetics for you used up the rest of the bottle and refinement. A. Eye cream bottles can body milk carry eye cream bottles, usually is very small, so you might as well in the summer with them some eye creams or hand cream carry, daub on face constant friction of elbow or joints, make skin keep soft state, to avoid the old waste cutin accumulated or color of skin dark heavy. 2. Multicolor bottle used for DIY scented candle series of the same brand of different creams bottle may be it's just a different color, if they are glass, you can use to DIY scented candles, prepare some essential oils, the different kinds of essential oil into different colors of the bottle, add white wax melting, a pure natural scented candles ready. 3. Empty paper of oil absorption of powdery cake box with monochromatic eye shadow or finished powdery cake box can not only be used for small pieces of monochromatic eye shadow, avoid waste of buying eye shadow box again. In addition, empty powdery cake box is suitable for used to hold oil absorption in summer, light and convenient. Four. Ceramic bottle can hold jewelry than ordinary glass bottles, resin or plastic bottles, ceramic bottle is more suitable for jewelry, because ceramic properties is more stable, not easily affected by air humidity and ambient temperature change, and also higher sealing, very suitable for save the diamond ring, pearl, or silver
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