10 years of hose cosmetics sales career - — To my beautiful youth

by:Lisson     2020-05-15
10 years of hose cosmetics sales career - — To my best youth time is like water flowing quietly gone, seems to leave a little trace, but it seems it took many good and bitter. Review of 10 hose cosmetics sales work, as if each day is just around the corner flash across, kind and true. Nonetheless, I am still in the passage of time, drip traces found his way. — — Taken in the summer of 2010 on November 27, 2009, ended a year-long forwarder job. In this year, the financial crisis makes exports to the freezing point, no matter how hard I tried to find the foreign trade customer, finally flew away. On December 1, 2009, under the freight customers before, apply to the hose factory hangzhou set cosmetics. Started my ten years of hose cosmetics sales career, maybe this work will continue until my retirement. 。 。 。 。 。 。 In February 2018, left eight years of cosmetics factory, started his own business career. Hose or cosmetics. From a professional sales manager, became a make-up hose of entrepreneurs. In the ten years of career, I thank my first customer, Africa, Mr Gabriel, let me in just in 2 months, cosmetics hose from my life for the first order. In the ten years of career, I thank all of my clients, we cooperate for so many years, but have not met. Just friends in the network, with each other sincerely trust each other. Also thank you, let the success on business. In the ten years of career, I want to thank my boss, as for your help, let me in the work, like a duck to water, from a sales small white, rapid growth, becoming a professional sales manager. In the ten years of career, I thank my family, they give me love, let me have more power struggle in the work. In the ten years of career, I thank my friend, because your selfless share, let me walk a lot less detours. It is because of you, your selfless dedication, that made my study work become simple and warm life. In the ten years of career, I thank my colleagues, you always support and cooperation for my work, as for my each work are rising steadily, once again thank you fought alongside colleagues together! In the future, I and my team, will continue to move on. stay true to the mission We continue to provide customers with high quality cosmetics hose solutions and products, to provide the best service for our customers. Keep 'XINFLY' brand service more cosmetics brand. Wish a better future! 2019 - 12 - 03 address: mobile: WeChat: phone: / WWW. yzxinfly。 com
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