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The domestic plastic products award to realize innovation and development

by:Lisson     2021-01-20
Recently held in ningbo city, zhejiang province & other; 2013 China plastics industry conference & throughout; , vice chairman of China light industry federation shi-cheng wang said, by the domestic and international macroeconomic situation overall shadow
ring, in the past two years, plastic products in China after the last round of growth, development speed obviously dropped, while from the point of view, such as investment and export driven plastic
the industry steadily development & other; Positive energy & throughout; Is still strong, but to the healthy development of plastics industry, to rely on industry and the futures market, which based on the whole, add
strong upstream and downstream industry chain development cooperation, build reasonable price conduction mechanism, perfect risk management system.
the conference by the dalian Commodity Exchange, China petroleum and chemical industry association and jointly organized by China light industry federation.
it was reported that in recent years, the plastic industry in China has realized the steady and rapid development, has become one of China's economic development new pillar industry. In 2012, in the face of complex
mixed volatile economic situation at home and abroad, the plastic products industry adhere to domestic and international market demand as the guidance, strengthen economic adjustment and transformation and upgrading of speed, realize the development speed and economic benefit of
synchronous growth, expansion of scale of import and export trade of good results. 1 ~ 4 month this year, growth in the plastic products industry in China is 11. 9 5%, higher than all industries.
growth 4%; Main business income is 5327. 400 million yuan, rose 15. 7%; The total profit tax of 404. 600 million yuan, rose 18. 73%, among which the total profit of 269.
19 100 million yuan year-on-year growth. 91%. 1 ~ 4 month, China's plastic products exports, 168. 400 million dollars, up 23%, products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany and other 225 countries and regions.
investment aspect, as of the first quarter, a rubber and plastic products of fixed assets investment of 722. 600 million yuan, the growth of 23. 1%. Industry development by the high speed development by leaps and bounds regression to smooth, healthy hair
show rational stage.
at present, our country established & other; Actively yet prudently proceed with urbanization & throughout; 、“ To speed up the found throughout & agricultural modernization; And a series of language, is widely used in construction, packaging, cars
, furniture, home appliances, daily necessities, the new rural construction and agricultural production of plastic products industry has brought the broad market space. China's plastics industry to leverage this
there is huge potential market, and realize the healthy and orderly development in the new round of industry adjustment, inseparable from the upstream industry's strong support and complete market system, including the futures market effectively promote
in the whole industry chain development, strengthening the cooperation of the upstream and downstream, on the basis of building reasonable price transmission mechanism, improving the risk management system is of vital importance to the enterprise.
plastic products price changes, not only can reflect the characteristics of petrochemical products, to a certain extent, is also a barometer of macro economic development. Dalian Commodity Exchange with linear low density polyethylene (
degrees LLDPE) And polyvinyl chloride ( PVC) After two plastic futures varieties, the masses of users, including dealers and upstream and downstream enterprises to actively participate in trade, to
made positive contributions to steady development of the industry. At present, it is ready to develop the listed polypropylene ( PP) Futures varieties, through the new varieties listed for more plastic products
company provide a hedge. At the same time, the development of plastic industry, more in need of plastic processing industry development of faith, to deep level contradiction, constantly promote the competitiveness of the industry, only
to grasp and use of macro policy orientation, grasp earnestly and promote the industry & other; Five-year & throughout; Development plan, grasp and implement enterprise different development seriously, adhere to the real economy
the strategy of using the reversed transmission mechanism, grasping the main line of the structural adjustment of seriously, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industry, plastic processing industry must be able to take advantage, to win the initiative,
and continuous development.
it is reported that this year, the plastic products in China will be around the system innovation, technological innovation, quality model, established a relatively perfect industry innovation supporting system, promoting industry
green low carbon development, plastic processing industry transformation from traditional manufacturing as soon as possible for high technology content of new manufacturing industry, the industry will continue to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, to
to raise the level of industrial technology. “ Plastic industry will enter the further development of agricultural plastic, packaging materials and rapid growth of plastic building materials, high-tech, high value-added
product engineering plastic and composite expanded in the new period, with economies of scale, technology upgrades and new stage of comprehensive development. ” Shi-cheng wang said.
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