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The cream bottle in guangyuan city printing and bronzing

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Cream bottle printing tipping 8 in guangyuan city even the plate making, production cycle time to 15 days - 20 days, the production will have a deviation on the number of plus or minus 10%. Issued earlier this year the beijing-tianjin-hebei and surrounding areas of air pollution in 2017 work plan ', the second half of this year to complete the 'atmosphere of article 10' action plan for water pollution in key industries and enterprises in industries with excess capacity discharge permit issued, to promote the ecological compensation, and protection of the implementation of the tax law reform work. Injection molding in is mainly used to enhance the PET molding. Usually adopts screw injection machine. Screw is typically require hardening treatment, lest abrasion occurs after use for a long time. The length of the injection machine nozzle holes should be as short as possible, its diameter should be controlled at about 3 mm. Back in 2017, the environmental protection sector's share price. Environmental protection plate presents obvious M type: for all of last year April male established and become a 'catalyst' rising environmental protection plate. Into the June, due to the financial deleveraging that rising rates and the impact of PPP to leverage, valuations down plate. This means that according to the data in the bulletin, 254 air in the city to make excluding cities not divided into districts, should prepare the corresponding atmosphere within a standard urban planning. The reality is, however, has been compiled by the cities are mostly in the new atmosphere act spontaneously preparation before effect; And take effect has the new atmosphere act within a year and a half, formulate corresponding city atmosphere within a standard planning few cities. 8, hose, and there are many differences between manufacturers, there are different price, color plate making fee usually in 200 yuan - The price of 300 yuan, play can be multi-color printing and screen printing, individual manufacturer with thermal transfer equipment and technologies. Bronzing, hot silver can be calculated by area of the unit price, printing effect, cost is less expensive and manufacturer, should choose different manufacturers according to the requirements of different levels. In addition, the file also rules, can be combined in the execution and the related administrative joint implementation. Resources, trial, this is not a new concept, is still in the stage of perfecting the system. Our country has many places for related positively, protect ban promotion is also more response and practice. 8, batch printing before proofing, after confirmation by screen printing effect after production, production cycle is 4 - Five days, depending on the silk screen the difficulty and quantity. 2, glass screen printing: in the blank or frosted or spraying effect of screen printing on the bottle, should choose high temperature ink, color after the high temperature roasting, and will not fade and not easily scratching, color is relatively heavy, to select the manufacturer of high temperature furnace for screen printing, the printing is commonly more than 5000, 5000 by 500 yuan/style/color charge below, more than 5000 press 0. 1 yuan/color time calculation. 3, glass material is relatively consistent, modelling is more, the processing technology, rich and diversification cap collocation, common bottle shape is cylindrical, elliptic, flat look, prismatic, conical, manufacturers often series bottle shape. The bottle technology on coating,, frosted, half toning, screen printing, bronzing, hot silver, etc. But at the same time, in the developing demand for resources have been expanding, continuously, in the interests of the people in order to seek more during at that price, wanton open mining soil, discharge of industrial wastewater, cutting down vegetation, throw solid waste, etc. , not only the soil ecological balance seriously, but also caused by soil pollution and increasing agricultural regions, causing very bad influence. No matter in intelligent manufacturing and information technology, or in terms of environmental protection facilities and management, will be further breakthroughs and development. Industry, generally in 2018, environmental protection and the combination of manufacturing industry will be more and more close, and gradually to the further penetration of the sector. In 2018, the '+', digital, cloud computing and intelligent application will further penetrate into every aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection industries. From the 'soil' of article 10 to 20 provinces of soil pollution local version of the specification, in the 'from scratch' to the quality, and the efficiency of industry cycle, soil restoration is release a positive: namely soil restoration has become the industry focus, it is no longer a conceptualization of green concept. In addition to pollution policy constantly fall to the ground, in the real estate under the background of rapid development, strong potential of the nuggets also ACTS as a catalyst for soil restoration. 7, color printing process and appearance effect can be done with surface grinding or too light rubber, dumb rubber, laser film, hot stamping silver and blow convex effect, beer, sticky box forming or gluing PVC film ( Also known as a window) And thermal, color green process, the effect of uv, etc. 4, melt temperature, 2 blow molding process
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