'Sweet' perfume bottles floating CangJie collection access standards

by:Lisson     2020-05-21
Perfume bottles in CangJie is humble, but not low investment value. Abroad, perfume bottles, often in the salesroom, be a success has also attracted the attention of many investors. As a bottle of 1870 guerlain perfume bottles, in an auction in France is 45600 euros. In recent years, a perfume become fashionable fashionable gens favour domestic consumer goods, and a large number of foreign famous perfume brands also gathered in the Chinese market with a large customer base, made in the past, let a person feel mysterious perfume lifted the veil. Of course, as an important part of cosmetics, perfume besides the seductive fragrance, its packaging has become a spotlight to attract consumer attention. Vessels and any manufacturer will store perfume ─ ─ perfume bottles devoted a great deal of effort, the main selling point of this is undoubtedly the perfume sales. Exquisite should be said that the perfume is a kind of import. Although our country ancient times the traditional perfume, but not the true sense of the perfume industry, west wind east until the 19th century, with the arrival of a lot of westerners, perfume is gradually into the people's field of vision, also let many gift-it understanding at that time the culture and exotic perfume. In the 1930 s, formal perfume is popular in China's major cities; And after the 1990 s, the prevalence rate of perfume in the domestic, and is becoming the main force of the cosmetics market. The expansion of perfume also let people see the beautiful perfume bottles, because this is in the law of the 'good horse matchs good saddle'. International taking all bottle has become an important item in the category, more a lot of people to invest in perfume bottles for system. As a bottle of 1870 guerlain perfume bottles, in an auction in France is 45600 euros, 1 times higher than previous estimates, refreshed the record of the sale price of perfume bottles; And 1931 ivory chanel perfume bottles, clinch a deal valence also up to 1300 euros. In the domestic collectors, perfume bottles, be filed under miscellaneous. With the popularization and popular perfume, perfume bottles of collection value is being more and more important for players. Potential perfume bottles in CangJie is humble, but not low investment value. Abroad, perfume bottles, often in the salesroom, be a success also attracted many investors welcome. Such as the UK, in 1750 ─ 1780 produced a total of 150 kinds of 3000 pieces of perfume bottles, three of them to be preserved, and become the focus of the auction is for. Especially in 1750 ─ 1760 perfume bottle made of price rise, from 1920 to 1994 years, the price rose 120 times, in recent years, its price continues to rise at an average rate of 10%, become steady investment targets in perfume bottles. At home, perfume bottles of treasured works market is very small, many of the early varieties of price is very low, especially in the 19th and early 20th century perfume bottles so far there is no bargain, so much so that a foreign collectors to the domestic situation, looking for and to earn a lot of price difference, so it really make people regret. But from another perspective, also explain perfume bottles domestic investment potential is very huge, this will give the man who treasured works and investors into the opportunity of low cost, making the investment potential of the natural is perfume bottle perfume bottle collection access requirements because of its distinctive modelling, often has the very high appreciation and aesthetic value, is a worthy collection of works of art. But how in numerous perfume bottles selected valuable collection targets, there are certain criteria, the following characteristics can be used as a reference for collectors choose perfume bottles. Year: it is a main standard to judge perfume bottles value. Generally speaking, the earlier the production s perfume bottle, its collection and appreciation value, the higher the this can realize from the brand of perfume bottles s 'breakup' artistic conception. Shape: the shape of perfume bottles are diverse, and through the ages emerge in endlessly, in addition to the traditional square, round, heart-shaped, crescent, conical, inverted trapezoidal thereof, there are many strange shape differences of perfume bottles. Production: in different producing area of perfume bottles recorded its customs of different origin, appreciate the different origin of perfume bottles, can feel a different culture. French perfume bottles worldwide in nearly a century, became the leading fashion. Color: the color of the perfume bottle is also colorful, generally, crystal and transparent glass perfume bottles are in the majority with light color, such as a pale lemon yellow, orange, shallow green, shallow blue wait for, especially in the majority with pale lemon yellow, because the colour and lustre of lemon yellow and most perfume is very match, and can give a person the sense with pure and fresh and bright, has the very good visual appeal. Material: now we can see, perfume bottles, mainly for glass and crystal as the main raw material, this is the result of times, but before the 20th century, ceramic, enamel, etc were used to make the raw material of perfume bottles. Binding: as an important selling point, perfume bottles of binding also attract people's attention. Through appropriate binding, can make perfume bottles have greenery safflower effect, produce artistic appreciation value, improve the perfume taste
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