Mainly talks about the spray bottle packaging quality

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
For a spray bottle, it appears, really great convenience for people. We used the spray bottle, cosmetics, medicine spraying does greatly improve the drug use good experience. Spray bottle package, however, the key is the quality of the nozzle. Quality directly determines the effect of the spray nozzle, is now in the market a lot of nozzle quality at the same time, the nozzle is often broken. Within nozzle spray bottle after bad things can't use, instead of to the user a bigger trouble. For spray bottle manufacturer, to improve the quality of products and user experience, must from the nozzle, the good control the quality of the nozzle is very important. Now with the development of the market, the spray bottle packaging usage scenario is more and more diversified. In addition to cosmetics, pharmaceutical market, a lot of daily cleanser also began using a spray bottle packaging. Therefore, improving the quality of spray bottle packaging is very important. Dongguan xiang plastic products, in the 10 years of professional custom plastic containers production technology, professional production: cosmetic bottles, lotion bottle, cream bottle, lotion bottle, shampoo bottle, shampoo bottle, etc. , a series of daily necessities bottle, made according to customer requirements to provide HDPE, PP, PET, PS, such as acrylic, liberally.
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