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Lucheng tried to destroy the cosmetics with unknown secrets behind empty bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Lucheng tried to destroy the cosmetics with unknown secrets behind empty bottles for boycott fakes purification business environment. Morning of May 25, deer city bureau in wenzhou Yintai outlet for the mall's collection of 1. More than 40000 a line of cosmetics bottles for centralized disposal, don't let the high prices to recover cosmetics bottles of criminals can be. Learned, April 20 solstice during April 22, wenzhou Yintai world trade store held a 'an original empty bottles for 20 yuan a line of cosmetics vouchers' activities. Consumers could have finished the original cosmetics bottles to Yintai empty bottles for cosmetics vouchers. During the activity, a total of more than 1000 people signed up for, recycling cosmetics bottles more than 7000. It is understood that since last year, the market launch of the first empty bottles for cosmetics vouchers, so far has accumulated collection cosmetics bottles 1. More than 40000, nearly 300000 yuan in consumer vouchers. 'We have to carry out such activities is to boycott fakes, purify the business environment, a secure shopping experience for consumers. The relevant person in charge of 'Yintai department said. The relevant person in charge of deer city bureau said that this activity is not only solved the consumer cosmetics bottles, the difficulty of processing, could more effectively reduces the positive cosmetics bottles on the number of the hands of criminals, to cut off the 'real' bottle of fraud make by wrongdoing, helps to purify the business environment, protect the property of authentic cosmetics. In view of the current popular overseas online shopping, wechat business, buying new shopping way, such as staff said according to the regulation of these is not legitimate, if consumer disputes or product problems, it is difficult to get legal protection. 'Suggest the consumers when buying cosmetics, regular shopping malls, cosmetics store must to choose to suit their own brands, and ask for invoice and payment voucher, in order to maintain their own rights. ”
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