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How to determine a qualified cosmetic bottles

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
1, the license identity recognition. Imported cosmetics bottles must be marked with the ministry of health 'who makeup into word' or 'who makeup into for the word' approval document. In addition, imported cosmetics bottles have 'three certificates', namely 'entry goods quarantine certificate', 'import and export of cosmetics label verification certificate', 'inspection and quarantine CIQ logo,'. 'Cosmetic inspection and quarantine CIQ signs', in particular, each after CIQ logo has a set of computer digital printing, after CIQ signs off on the authentic goods packing box, computer digital printing will be automatically posted on the product alert, fake goods and gray may not have the CIQ logo, but with CIQ signs of fake goods, have two situations: ( 1) Unable to complete off from the commodity packing box; ( 2) After false CIQ tore, digital in torn off the back of the wafer, rather than goods. 2, the product identification. Look from the exterior, substandard or fake cosmetics bottles are often rough, with obvious scar into stripes, cosmetics bottle caps and cosmetics bottle bite not close together, have a leakage phenomenon; Cosmetics bottle printing quality than real clear, tinted is not straight. Some product structure is not enough and exquisite, color uneven; Some are granular, with impurities spots; Some have inflated, mildew, rancidity, stink phenomenon; Some shrinkage, oil-water separation phenomenon. For cosmetic packaging, currently on the market more and more diverse, from material to look to the capacity and so on. In fact through summarizing, the author thinks that the cosmetics bottle packing should be according to the different orientations to correspond to the corresponding type. The author summarizes the three levels of positioning. First of all, should according to the cosmetics market consumption positioning for different type of cosmetic bottle packaging. Positioning in the consumer market with low prices, for example, the corresponding cosmetics bottles from material to packing appearance should be as far as possible simple and practical, so that consumers not to product form, and the price is illusion, cosmetics on the shelf to win opportunity. Opposite is for a gift for positioning high-end luxury or cosmetics, this kind of cosmetic bottle packaging material and should be elegant appearance is high. Secondly a cosmetics brand often have multiple series. Different series on cosmetics bottle including color appearance should be different. Such as sun protection class cosmetics should be gorgeous beautiful appearance. Finally, cosmetics bottles of external label, bottle caps, these should also be set according to different position. In short, all cosmetics packaging should set out from the market positioning, from consumer demand, product series to label should be the analysis of the specificity of dongguan xiang plastic products, in the ten years experience in research and development production of bottle blowing molding, providing customized, wholesale services, production of various specifications of cosmetic packaging bottle, lotion bottle, lotion bottle, cream bottle, such as free hotline: 0769 - 876388118 more products information in the website: http://www. xlfzpping。 com/product5。 html
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