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How to deal with jiujiang plastic

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
How to deal with 5, jiujiang plastic blow molding bottles: material for PET material. The lid, cover and screw cover points and consent. Blow molding is a direct blow into bottle embryo. There's one characteristic is bottle. The light is bright. 3, the production of cosmetics packaging: 12, the production cycle is relatively moderate, is about 15 days period, screen printing cylindrical bottle 1-color design calculation, flat or special-shaped bottles according to double color or multicolor calculation, usually charging time for screen printing screen or jig cost, screen printing unit price generally is 0. 8 yuan/color to 0. 1 yuan/times of color, screen 100 yuan - 200 yuan of /, about 50 yuan/a fixture. Began to favor domestic valve according to introducing, at present, 50% of the world's valve parts from procurement, in fact, due to reasons such as branded, more valve products are in the purchase. Global oil equipment procurement is speeding up drive valve equipment to the overseas market. Has been used in the operation of nuclear power units now most of the products are made. According to energy news previously reported, many financial institutions are lack of professional policy for environmental protection industry, environmental protection industry and industry cross, but there are still a part of the developed on the basis of this emerging technology and project, need to have professional policy guidance. Is based on the above background, for environmental protection, small and medium enterprises, listed in the 'new three board' means that not only will get through the 'ren and the second pulse' of capital, will also bring multiple points, such as brand, the market is regarded as the important objectives of the development of enterprises. Policy for overweight again rural pollution control in a turning point '' since, our country comprehensive pollution control depth, rubbish in the countryside, the rural sewage treatment has played a positive role, and achieved high grades. However, due to various reasons are complicated, at present our country rural area are still prominent problems and difficulties. '' we through project eia were slashed a region of the pollutants discharge amount, we are in the midst of beijing-tianjin-hebei coal resources around, through planning eia in consultation with more than 2900 ten thousand tons of coal quantity, through these will promote regional. 'There was a time, the eia system is controversial, and even some bad-mouthing voice, think' the played down the eia system, the history '. 3, water transfer printing: printing process was conducted in the water without rules. Printed patterns. And the price is more expensive. Generally faster, can prevent premature solidification injection. But too fast, high shear rate makes material brittle. Shot is usually done in 4 seconds. Injection molding is also called injection molding. Injection molding is the use of injection molding machine, Or the injection machine) Will thermoplastics melt under high pressure into mold cooling and solidification Canon products. Injection molding can also be used for thermosetting plastic and foam plastic forming. Injection molding is the advantage of production speed, high efficiency, operation can be automated, to forming of complex shape parts, especially suitable for mass production. Defect is equipment and mould cost is high, the injection molding machine cleaning is difficult, etc. 'The report said. At the same time, relative to the encountered problems in business, thanks to the good macro-economic and mature capital market, the current overseas high-quality environmental mark became a focal point of the overseas m&a. Since 2014, are set to break into the market. Overseas m&a cases in 2015, environmental protection, amount constantly refreshed, more than 200 one hundred million yuan. Based on WIND data, as of March 3, published 2016 results letters belonged to all secondary 23 in the environmental protection industry, there are 16 net profit to achieve positive growth in 2015, including 11 rose more than 30%. Smell the money already layout in the capital market. WIND data show that since January 17 solstice held on 3 March, before has the environmental protection index gained 5. 63%. Determine the emissions to paper item by item, check, reversed transmission enterprises to improve production process supervisory team division of Qingdao, deputy director of the Zhao Runde, said before the environmental protection check waste water, waste gas, such as special inspection, mainly for the 'can sometimes be judge by heart, excessive compared with the last check, back through records for confirmation. Now, through constant innovation policy ideas, increasing investment, overweight energy-saving environmental protection industry. Add 'area', many environmental protection enterprises think it is a good opportunity for us to walk out a lifetime, in succession to the market. Is it really so easy? The environmental protection enterprise in the walk out of a, afraid of what the article mentioned, may go out and meet some very practical problem. 2, hot stamping, hot stamping is a thin layer of paper on it. There is no screen printing AoTuGan. And very hot don't directly in the PE and PP on these two kinds of material. After need to heat transfer in hot stamping. Or have a good hot stamping paper can also be direct hot stamping. Aluminous model board can do hot stamping, can do hot stamping on at full speed. Material such as plastic bottles mainly by polyethylene or polypropylene and add made from a variety of. Widely used plastic bottles polyester ( PET) , poly ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) As raw material, add the corresponding, after high temperature heating, through plastic mold after blow molding, extrusion blow or injection molding of plastic containers. Is mainly used for drinks, food, cosmetics or solid disposable plastic packaging containers. Plastic bottles is not easily broken, low cost, high degree, food grade raw material, etc. B) Color printing fee (boot 800 yuan, Reasonable consumption of 1200 yuan, typesetting and printing, but the unit price.
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