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How to customize the cosmetics box of high quality - do Low cost? Cosmetics packaging

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
How to customize the cosmetics box of high quality - do Low cost? Custom cosmetic boxes, paper materials is the most commonly used, typically used in cosmetics packaging, cosmetics, paper material of paper have many choices, such as bond paper, kraft paper, gold and silver cardboard, pearl paper, etc. Due to the different characteristic, make cosmetics packaging material is also different. So how to choose and use the paper just and reasonable to ensure the quality and decrease the cost of custom packaging box? Now Yu printing and learn together with you the custom cosmetics packaging material properties, in order to correctly choose the packaging and printing materials. 1, bond: feature is its paper, paper smooth and high gloss, coating is fast, easy to obtain beautifully clear after printing patterns and text. Therefore, common cosmetics packaging can choose bond. Kraft paper, tenacious waterproof packing paper, color has a brown and white, is so flexible, and sturdy, high resistance to break, so is widely used in clothing, food packaging, tea, alcohol and other industries. But its drawback is obvious, the color of printing limited, only suitable for printing color. If used in cosmetics packaging material is not suitable for, is rare on the market with this kind of cosmetics packaging materials. 2, gold and silver cardboard: this is a kind of special paper, paper smooth and high gloss, with metallic simple sense, give a person a kind of special feeling of cool, in his hand, high-grade, instantly improve product added value. Of course the price compared to other material will be expensive. In addition the material in the printing design and writing of the result is right also, fine clear. If cosmetics enterprises pursue high-end fashion, you can choose to gold and silver cardboard custom cosmetics packaging material. 3, pearl paper: this kind of material of luxuriant effect also is very obvious, color more selective, ran on the printing, the printing ink not easy to absorb, it is not easy to dry, printing time might be a little longer.
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