How about cosmetic tube after-sales service?
Lisson has a well developed service and spare parts division that helps ourselves to successfully handle the pre and post sales issues that are faced by the customers.  The after sales service support delivered ensure that solutions are provided before potential problems become costly to rectify.  Our after-sales service are experienced consultants who offer outstanding customer care. Your satisfaction with our company and cosmetic tube is our goal!

The growth of the business since becoming a Limited Company has meant that Guangzhou Lisson Plastic can now concentrate greater resources into serving its global customers. is available in a wide range of product types. The following shows part of series. The materials of Lisson packaging tubes are eco-friendly and recyclable. . The innovative design of has made it to rank top in the market. The materials of Lisson packaging tubes are eco-friendly and recyclable. A fast delivery time can be guaranteed in Guangzhou Lisson Plastic to ensure the high efficient business in this fast changing world. Lisson packaging tubes are strong and thick enough to avoid breaking.

Guangzhou Lisson Plastic always adheres to the concept of to consolidate its business. Please contact us!
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