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by:Lisson     2021-01-14

guangzhou cosmetics packaging material production supply is located in guangzhou city, guangdong province, belongs to the production-oriented enterprises. With the good faith management, scientific management, strict financial to build the core competitiveness of enterprises, guangzhou cosmetics packaging material with good quality child won industry recognition and praise once like tide in the field of plastic packaging containers. The company product sales in the country, is a product of the cosmetics manufacturers trust and if you are interested in our products, please contact. Specification: g g ml ml ml ml
this kind of cosmetics packaging material spot, customized lid, a specification up to do, cosmetics packaging child lid can spray plating colors according to customer's request, printed logo words, hot stamping silver pressed. The above prices are excluding process. The company production base: guangzhou
after the company has strong production capacity and processing capacity, can according to customer requirements for cosmetics packaging electroplating, spray coating, bronzing, printing, frosting, etc. After processing, make your products more perfect, more competitive in the market, your satisfaction is our long pursuit. Because every client need different quantity, specifications, technical requirements, cannot play online on the appropriate price of guangzhou as a research and development, production, management, sales for the integration of modern company, has been committed to cosmetics packaging material development. With strong technical force, excellent processing equipment, perfect detection means, the cosmetics packaging material technical indicators, let cosmetics packaging material is really beautiful, strong, durable, low price. Products are mainly used for packaging, wide application range. Guangzhou production of cosmetics packaging of cosmetics packaging materials mainly plastic, is through the frosting, spraying color, printing, hot stamping production mode of production, the company relies on a single batch bulk raw materials procurement, to obtain the high quality standard cosmetics packaging material of raw materials and the preferential benefit price, and will these advantages compared to market the same good carton, cost performance for cosmetics manufacturers. Products according to customer requirements design and production, and provide after-sales service. After you choose to buy our products, we will be in - A working days for your shipment, freight negotiation between the seller and the buyer. 'The good faith is supreme, strives for perfection' is the guangzhou believed in the spirit of enterprise, the company is willing to provide you with the excellent low price of cosmetics packaging, cosmetics packaging material to provide all-round after-sales service. Have quality products and fast service make the company stand out from the inside in the field of plastic packaging containers. We believe in our pursuit of the quality of the product, can more meet your demand for the product! Ishii town DaLang DaLang village industrial zone, let us work hand in hand to the future, create brilliant! Specializing in the production of perfume, cosmetics packaging, cosmetics cosmetics packaging order custom, sub factory specializing in the production of cosmetics cosmetics packaging material information is introduced to here, hope to be of help. More details, welcome to call the advisory
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