Good cosmetic packaging design realizes the value

by:Lisson     2021-04-14

In today’s Internet age, we are all flooded with a lot of information. The evaluation and recommendation of various Internet celebrity bloggers and the time spent on various propaganda. Of course, there are also a lot of negative comments. Therefore, a good cosmetic packaging design brand, from a You should position yourself at the beginning, strengthen your brand with a unique perspective, and use special packaging to increase its appeal to consumers. Then, what about cosmetic packaging design?

1. Brand and product positioning

Before cosmetics packaging design, we must do a good job in product and brand positioning. In addition to using packaging to enhance product texture, we must consider the grade of the product to determine the packaging cost of the product. Proper positioning and packaging can expand greater profits. space.

Good cosmetic packaging design realizes the value of the product

2. Find a good consumer group positioning

Each of our cosmetics has a corresponding consumer group, such as age, packaging design according to their aesthetic value, habits and preferences can better enhance the attractiveness of the product.

3. Market research

The purpose of market research is not only to locate the consumer group, but also to study the deficiencies in the packaging of similar products, products of the same grade and price, and use this as a breakthrough point to innovate to improve the practicality of the design and also Provide inspiration for yourself to increase creativity.

4. Pay attention to the characteristics of the product itself

In addition to good-looking and beautiful product packaging, it is more important to combine with the characteristics of the product itself, give full play to the advantages of the product itself, and enhance the overall value.

Cosmetic packaging design has a very good role in promoting the sales of cosmetics. One aspect of cosmetic packaging is to consider the protection of the product, and on the other hand, it must reflect the marketing role of the packaging. Let's share some design techniques below.

1. Packaging design should be diversified

In the face of numerous cosmetics markets, a single package can no longer meet the psychological needs of consumers. Therefore, cosmetic packaging must be designed in a diversified manner. This is the only way to mobilize consumers' desire to buy.

2. Be creative in packaging design

For packaging in any field, creativity must be pursued, and cosmetics are no exception. If you lack creativity, you will take a mediocre route and will be buried by the market. Without your own personality, no one will pay.

3. Packaging design must be contemporary

Cosmetics is a product that changes with each passing day, and its packaging must also conform to the culture of the trend and have the characteristics of the times. If the eliminated products are difficult to arouse the interest of consumers, as a designer, you must be innovative.

4. Packaging design should pay attention to brand effect

In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, people are paying more and more attention to branding things, especially for cosmetics. Brands are easy to increase the value of cosmetics products. Because consumers are more advocating brands, the brand itself is an intangible. Assets can last for a long time and occupy an absolute advantage in the market.

5. Packaging design should emphasize the characteristics of the product

All kinds of information about the product must be highlighted on the outer packaging of cosmetics, such as the nature, function, method of use, precautions, functions, etc. of the cosmetics. Only by highlighting the most exciting places can consumers' attention be drawn. In addition, the symbolism of color should be used. For example, the packaging design of sunscreen should be bright yellow like the sun, and the shape can be the shape of the sun, so as to highlight the characteristics of the product and the effect of the product. There is another point to emphasize. When designing cosmetics packaging, it must reflect its individuality, for example, whether it is luxurious or elegant, especially for high-quality cosmetics, it must be highlighted. In order to cater to consumers’ buying emotions.

6. The consumer objects of packaging design must be targeted

Different cosmetics have different consumer objects. A successful cosmetics designer will let consumers feel that the product is tailor-made for themselves through the outer packaging. For example, children's cosmetics, it is best to use cartoons. Image, women's cosmetics generally use a youthful and beautiful image. In this way, consumers can choose products that suit them through the outer packaging of the cosmetics.

If cosmetic packaging design wants to better promote sales, the above aspects must be paid attention to, so as to achieve better design effects.

Cosmetic packaging design should stimulate customers' obvious impulse to buy and immediately generate consumption power! Whether it can arouse customers' impulse to buy is one of the important criteria for evaluating the success and failure of packaging design solutions. Customer recognition and purchase is a great honor for packaging design. To achieve this overall goal, it is necessary to consider all levels of factors and insist on seeking truth from facts, so that cosmetic packaging design has been accepted and recognized by more and more customers.

The overall design style of cosmetic packaging design: for different types of products, because it has different advertising strategies for customers, its design concept must be suitable for the requirements of the product. For example, the sense of high-end brand value is not the same as that of low-end cosmetics. Similarly, the overall design style and product appeals of cosmetics packaging should be objective, so that customers can create a sense of trust.

For cosmetics customers, gender classification can be divided into men and women. From age, there can be young, middle-aged, and elderly. From the perspective of consumption power, it can be divided into luxury bag customers and low-priced customers. customer. For the segmented customer population, the cosmetic packaging design plan is naturally to carry out packaging with a purpose. Carrying out market research on customer groups, grasping the product packaging design feelings that various customer groups like, and carrying out cosmetic packaging design for their requirements will be twice the result.

For cosmetics packaging design, due to its product characteristics, it is determined that its design is a design that integrates merchandise and culture, art and aesthetics, science and fun. Cosmetics are personal products that have more contact with consumers and are more direct. It has many varieties and detailed classifications, and the target of each product is becoming more and more clear.

Therefore, for a specific cosmetic packaging design, there must be a clearer design direction and publicity goal, and the product information delivered to consumers is specific and very clear. The packaging design of cosmetics can determine the design factors and design styles according to the different attributes, grades, sales areas and consumer objects of the products, and determine how to design according to their characteristics. Meiyu Shenghua enterprise creates good products, detonates good products, and empowers good products.
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