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Fujian 'the frog prince' swallow the 'old'

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Bad debt crisis to mergers and acquisitions transfer in fujian 'the frog prince' swallow the 'old' behind a bad thing may be to follow a good thing. A sum of millions of dollars that had gone bad, are now together contributed to the overseas acquisition across the Atlantic. Last October, fujian threesome chemical co. , LTD. , bought a $ultra-low prices has many years history of the United States established cosmetics brand 'Body & amp; 地球”和“绿色峡谷温泉”。 Previously, the sale price of the brand of cosmetics company up to thousands of dollars. Left instance three years ahead of implementation in America, according to fujian threesome cosmetic co. , LTD. , Robert lee, chairman of the company from the year began to OEM Solar companies in the United States 'Body & amp; 'Earth' and 'Green Canyon Spa products, undertake annual order amount is in ten thousand yuan of above. But influenced by the us subprime crisis, Solar companies default payment for goods from last year, and announced that filed for bankruptcy in May this year, double kick $payment for unpaid face bad debt losses. 'We see a crisis into an opportunity. 'Robert lee told reporters, after consultations between the two sides, the threesome eventually adopt the strategy of' balance in assets ', the two brands and more than three thousand Solar inc. Sales channels. Lee said, the United States financial tsunami let them three years to realize the overseas brand expansion path ahead of time. 'We used to be in the United States registered the' frog prince 'logo, but because they had no sales channels, has been unable to open the American market. 'For the acquisition of the success of the business direction, l think, has to the American market has made the early diagnostic, but affected by the financial crisis, the ability of consumers to buy the overall decline, the consumption structure has changed greatly. At present, the need to do is, according to the U. S. market under the financial storm new demand to develop new products, using its acquisition of more than three thousand channels, it big in the market. It is understood that the current threesome have put more than $goods sold to wal-mart, K - the United States The local large supermarkets such as MART. Left quietly accelerated extension of fujian enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions when the financial storm for a lot of overseas business is crumbling, for fujian enterprises, whether is also usher in a golden opportunity of mergers and acquisitions? In fact, represented by enterprises in quanzhou of fujian brand camp has quite a few enterprises to speed up the pace of the overseas acquisitions. Not long ago, youngor has just successfully buying American company's Smart and Xin Ma (KWD group New horse clothing) The full ownership of the two companies, a Chinese clothing biggest overseas acquisitions. Zijin mining group successfully offer the overseas listed companies put British ( Monterey branch) Companies, listed companies in China to buy the UK's first. At the same time, the brand such as anta, who also don't fall. Anta earlier in an interview with overseas media have said, hoping to finish in this year of mergers and acquisitions overseas high-end sports brand, or in joint venture with the relevant brand and enterprise mode of cooperation, are expected to involve amount million dollars. Left to remind be careful buy elimination of backward production capacity for fujian enterprises under the background of financial crisis of the overseas m&a enthusiasm, fujian asia-pacific cooperation and economic development research association, vice President of yong-zhong Yang said, 'not all industries are suitable for acquisition', yong-zhong Yang said that now many American enterprise facing bankruptcy, capital chain rupture, buy America's mineral resources, technical resources and brand resources, is a good time. But due to some problems such as information asymmetry, enterprises in the situation assessment must be ready before buying overseas company, fully understand the overseas market, under the financial crisis, which industry and competitiveness, which industry belongs to the elimination of backward production capacity, do not assume that money spent can pick up to cheap.
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