Cosmetics packaging upgrade contracted environmental protection high quality into a trend

by:Lisson     2020-05-16
17 April 16 solstice, the seventh session of Shanghai international luxury ci product packaging exhibition held in Shanghai exhibition center. The cosmetics online financial 'the reporter understands, this exhibition in Shanghai as the center, radiation in southeast Asia and throughout the Asia Pacific region, with 150 exhibitors from 15 different countries, the number of exhibitors rose 23. It was a sharp increase 97%, the audience also registered. On the exhibition, reporter discovery, whether from the Great Wall group's newly minted ceramic cosmetic containers, PETG from Ada international trade co. , LTD. , production material, the xin from Germany kurtz group hot stamping technology, from Celanese's CLARIFOIL patented can be 100% biodegradable packaging printing film, from ba provided arashi ( Shanghai) The word 'environmental protection is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, high quality and contracted wind is becoming more and more welcomed by the market. Cosmetics bottle the pursuit of high transparency and 'platform' texture 'cosmetics online financial reporters through exhibition and found that both glass and plastic bottles, cosmetic packaging manufacturers pursues high transparency of the product itself. Ba of some 'from Italy ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , the main glass packaging, the sales director TongYiDong told reporters that the customer quality requirements for glass package is higher and higher, 'glass packaging is developing gradually in the direction of medium and top grade, in the process of product quality and the price of the game, transparency is an important consideration. 'TongYiDong give reporters a example: Mary kay when considering contact ba provided arashi cooperation, see her some haze a nail oil and its products are almost the same appearance, but Mary kay a clear clear yellow, transparent feeling is much less than the ba some haze; Wait for all sorts of color of nail polish bottle inside, start affecting the colour, transparent feeling not tall bottle looks not good. 'Appearance looks like the same material, it exists obvious difference of quality. 'TongYiDong also said, however, on the Chinese market at present most of the skin care products packaging materials is the use of plastic, glass bottles is a niche market. 'It is stressed that, in the domestic market is still in development, the future of glass packaging market will be more and more wide, we need to do is clear the target customer groups, for their own market share as much as possible. 'In addition, the' platform 'bottle is also a big cosmetics market popular trend recently. 'Thick bottom of the bottle better quality, higher request for technology, also seems to have qualitative feeling more. 'International trade co. , LTD. , stylist Li Feng introduction, general thickness of bottom of the bottle using injection molding technology, the original thin bottom of the bottle is used a blow molding technology, higher request to the technology. The reporter understands from IDA international, currently on the market of cosmetic plastic packaging bottles, PETG material gradually replace the original PP, PET material. 'PETG material is equivalent to the upgrade of PET material, more corrosion resistance, light transmittance is higher, also more resistant to fall off, forming method is great for injection molding technology, the quality is better. 'Paper packaging innovation emerge in endlessly more environmental protection concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people' paper market is in a stable state, large difference of the different needs of customers. 'Xingda luxury ci product packaging (shenzhen) co. , LTD. , general manager of jun-jie zheng told the cosmetics online financial journalist, to meet the needs of different customers, will follow-up processing in the paper, the added value of the' manual 'to make our products more characteristics, to enhance competitiveness. It is understood that the color xingda company's customers are mainly from the Middle East, the United States and Europe and other overseas markets. 'Customer request packaging is very costly in the Middle East, the United States customers insist on contracted, cost-effective, European customers pursue low-key costly. 'According to different customer demand, the color xingda fluctuation full time is in the packaging process after, for example, on the box set auger, implanted flannelette, stick the pearl, local pearly membrane, simulation tactility, three-dimensional visual effects, etc. 'Compared with domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises pay more attention to packaging, with packaging products, enhance the brand image. 'The Mohawk fine paper introduce to the reporter Yu Liangjie Asia sales manager, since 2014, the domestic enterprises is becoming more and more attention to packaging, pay attention to environmental protection,' so we think, Chinese paper will be more and more high-end, environmental protection material will grow in popularity and recognition. 'The reporter understands, Mohawk will' environmental protection 'two characters to carry out thorough: using 100% renewable wind energy production; Products production process 'carbon neutral', reduce exhaust emissions; Using 'recycled pulp to make paper. 'Our principle is to use less as far as possible, try to recycle. 'Yu Liangjie stressed.
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