Cosmetics packaging qualification rate of less than thirty percent

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Gusu area market supervision bureau released yesterday before the National Day, Mid-Autumn festival 'protect people's livelihood and promote harmony' quantitative packing commodities and measuring spot check, according to the results of alcohol fraction commodity net content is highest, 100%; Cosmetics packaging qualification rate of the lowest, only 27%, less than thirty percent. The bureau standard metrological supervision department director sheng Jiong warn broad customer, shopping don't covet the excessive packaging, fancy goods. According to sheng Jiong, the sampling since early August this year, end in late September, about more than a month of time, before and after sampling scope for gusu district jurisdiction the department stores, supermarkets and other business units and production enterprises, a total of 14, the object is the unit production and sales of moon cakes, wine, cosmetics and other goods of quantitative packing and measurement. Among them, the quantitative packaging by 50 batch goods, he take the commodity packaging 50 batches. The net content of spot check, according to the results of quantitative packing commodities, and there are different levels of net content is unqualified phenomenon. Among them, 20 batches of moon cakes, indicate the percent of pass is 90%, the percent of pass is only 70% of the net content; 15 batches of wine, indicate the percent of pass is 93%, the qualified rate of net content 100%; 15 batches of cosmetics, indicate the percent of pass is 87%, the net content of the percent of pass is 80%. That is to say, the three kinds of goods, only the net content of alcoholic goods sufficient than marked on the package, the other two class doesn't exist different degree. Gusu area market supervision bureau after the law enforcement inspection status analysis found that the cause of this phenomenon is: some enterprises packing material weight, prompted a shortchanged one product piece net content; Some companies filling equipment humble, low precision measuring instruments equipped with unreasonable, or measuring phrase, etc. , to a certain extent also lead to the net content of unqualified; The individual production enterprise net content of product control ability is poor, large differences in single product net content. If the spot check a few of the moon cakes, while the average actual content were greater than labeling net content, but the weight of the single product consistency is very poor, some more than labeling net content, while others shortweight. The spot check of commodity packaging situation is not optimistic, the overall qualified rate of only 74%. Spot check the moon cake, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and 3 kind of commodity packaging, the result shows: the qualified rate from high to low in turn mooncakes 100% respectively 27%, 87% alcohol, cosmetics. Inspection found that the existence of the unqualified goods problems, are all packing porosity exceeds bid.
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