Cosmetics packaging like to children swallowed ingestion of food or drink food and drug administration shall be ordered to shut down a recall

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
China on August 30, recently, berth beautiful company public a model called 'berth beautiful loquat drink muscle dew' skin water, the product packaging appearance similar to drink, swallowed by mistake eats, can cause children pose a safety hazard. Local food drug administration ordered for 5 similar products production, including the product, to ban, and recalled products. It is understood that the product packaging appearance similar to drink, and marked with 'FRESH JUICY' with the words 'FRESH and JUICY' and so on. Clear regulations on identity management cosmetics, cosmetics label may make use of language, graphics, symbols to mislead consumers. Consumer is when the choose and buy cosmetics, should pay attention to product packaging and label, avoid swallowed swallowed, ensure use safety.
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