Cosmetics bottles take you know the competition between the Japanese and south Korean cosmetics manufacturer

by:Lisson     2020-05-18
Reported that south Korean cosmetics industry research institute, the officials said the Japanese cosmetics area occupy the Chinese market from last year, Japanese cosmetics exports to China rose 80% last year, this year has been maintained a rapid growth. Reports, the Japanese cosmetics company shiseido last year, the annual sales of up to 1. 9 trillion yen ( 1 yen $0. 06 yuan) After two years of sales, 1 trillion yen mark. Hkbu so, mainly due to the Chinese market. On the contrary, the south Korean cosmetics enterprise development bottlenecks, amorepacific in sales last year for 6. 0. 782 quadrillion won ( 1 RMB 174 KRW) , increased by only 1% over the previous year, operating profit fell 25%. Korean media reported, in the Chinese market, south Korean cosmetics bottlenecks, and Japanese cosmetics is booming. According to South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper website reported on August 6, since this year, imported cosmetics market in China, Japan to grab the title belonged to South Korea. International trade center according to the survey, the Japanese cosmetics in China's exports in the first quarter to seven. 700 million dollars in the first place. International trade center is one of the world trade organization operation of external trade organization together with the unctad. In the survey, France ( 7. $300 million) And South Korea, 7. $200 million) In the second and three respectively. South Korea had conquered France crowned last year, but this year has slipped to third place, while the Japanese have been ranked the third in title. And there is also a south Korean companies keep growing at the same time, such as LG life health, sales rose 30% in the second quarter of this year in China.
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