【 Cosmetic tube manufacturer 】 In 2018, the plastic mold development prospect forecast analysis in our country

by:Lisson     2020-11-20
Here, as users of the mould, our cosmetic tube manufacturers technical adviser for a bold prediction to the 2018 China plastic mould development prospect forecast analysis of mold industry, cosmetics industry to play a role in actually, specific content is as follows:
with nc machining equipment level, companies are stepping up efforts in plastic mold development, plastic mould has become mould varieties of the most attractive & other; Cheese & throughout; 。

plastic mold
in recent years, China plastic mold development speed very fast. Jin Mo network CEO, international mold association secretary general luo hui said, at present, the plastic mold in the mold industry accounted for about 30%. With China's cosmetics pipe, vermicelli, automobiles, home appliances, electronic communications, all kinds of rapid development, is expected to mold in the market in the future, plastic mold of mould will gradually increase the proportion of the total, and development speed will be faster than other mold. In automobile industry, for example, as car off sales growth, auto mould an enormous potential market.
in the production of cars of various functional components depend on molding, just make a normal car takes about more than 200 ornament mould, and produce bumper, instrument panel, fuel tank, steering wheel, such as the large and medium-sized plastic mold, the mold industry production capacity, the satisfied rate of only about 50%.
in the field of architectural, plastic building materials to a large number of alternatives to traditional materials and the trend of The Times, is expected in 2018 the national plastic doors and penetration can will reach more than 45%, plastic drainage pipe market share will be more than 50%, will greatly increase the demand for mold. Lo fai think, large-scale, precision, reasonable design of injection mould will be subject to the market.
in the medical field, all kinds of plastic products, plastic packaging hose, medicine, cosmetics packing hose tube and so on, but do not count.
summary: the above is the small make up of the '2018 China plastic mould development prospect forecast analysis, all of the content, the limitations of limited knowledge level, the hard to avoid a mistake, points out that also please pass tube mould industry, cosmetics factory friends see after please indicate correct, I will improve this article as soon as possible. 【 www。 yhmoju。 com】

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