Chinese vendors for stock up Korean cosmetics online trading at a record high

by:Lisson     2020-11-25
Author: high ice ice for fast development of online shopping, South Korea, turnover accounted for the proportion of the total amount of the retail approximation %, a record high. South Korea's national statistical office, 'month online shopping trends' released by the month for south Korean online shopping turnover. The trillions of won, year-on-year growth. %。 A total of total amount retail sales during the month. The trillions of won, growth. %。 Online shopping turnover accounted for the proportion of total retail sales. %, refresh the month of this year. % of the record. Only when the proportion of the years. After %, online shopping rapid development. Using smart phones for mobile terminal shopping is pulling the main power in the development of online shopping. In mobile phone shopping in transactions. Trillions of won, surged. %, accounts for high proportion of the total amount of online shopping transaction of history. %。 From the point of items, cosmetics ( 。 %) , fashion products and accessories ( 。 %) Network larger turnover year-on-year growth. Especially the transactions in billion won cosmetics, transactions a month high. Relevant personage explains about the reason, the national statistical office, China customs to counter sade, no longer allow south Korean cosmetics by water into China. Due to friction between the two countries, in the Korean Chinese vendors began to large quantities of stock up, bought a large number of cosmetics in advance. Editor: huang rui
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