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Brand cosmetics bottle recycling market chaos, fake cosmetics with the flow

by:Lisson     2020-05-17
Long ago someone recycle bottles, and then filling fakes, especially famous bottle filling fakes, really bottled wine make it hard for consumers to discern between true and false. Now, we have found a phenomenon, there are some special high-priced recycling cosmetics bottles on the market, especially the international well-known cosmetics cosmetics bottles, they are at a high price as bait, the bottle more new more complete cosmetics bottles, the higher the price. All of these lead to the market demand for cosmetics bottle recycling is constantly increasing. However, we found that the cosmetic bottle recycling way on the market is very suspicious, the cosmetics bottles are some criminals after recovery, with some fakes filling cosmetics, then selling at a high price to the market, and this is why cosmetic bottles will be the cause of the high prices. To the problem of the market we think should strengthen the supervision from the perspective of market recovery, only in this way can keep cosmetics market the normal order.
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