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Biodegradable plastic greatly improve plastic mulch pollution present situation in our country

by:Lisson     2021-01-20
The plastic mulch pollution has always been a controversial topic, some agricultural ecological expert points out, & other; White pollution & throughout; Has exceeded the farmland ecological environment are
limit. A vegetable patch and a factory in jiangnan is a special kind of plastic film, as long as it spread in soil for months, it will slowly disappear, and turn to
fertilizer nourish crops.
I saw mud covered with pieces of white plastic mulch, at first glance, appearance and ordinary film, has become dive, amorphous, membrane has much degradation of the
. In the one horn of the vegetable garden, with a sign, which membrane time: on October 28, 2012.
  “ Membrane has been more than half a year, the laying method and ordinary film, now part of the degradation has been turned into fertilizer into the soil. ” The official said.
the biology base material and the degradation product standards technical committee secretary general WengYunXuan explain the principle: & other; New improved polylactic acid membrane is the full name of the material, also
call polylactic acid, PLA for short. Its raw materials using cassava (tapioca), will practice starch cassava, reprocessed into lactic acid, become the polymer, the final blow into film, this kind of biodegradable material of
was born. ”
everybody is well known, the traditional plastic raw materials for oil, difficult to degrade after use, caused the white pollution. Also known as stated ester, poly (lactic acid) (PLA) is based on microorganism fermentation
lactic acid as monomer chemical synthesis. After use can be automatically degradation, are widely used in packaging container, agricultural film, clothing and so on.
Dr Wong also said that starch is a renewable resource, biodegradable plastic after degradation or ashing, to form carbon dioxide and water, these can be in plant photosynthesis under into
raw material, return to natural cycle.
malicious & other; Pick & throughout; The cost, let more people could afford
the world biodegradable plastic raw materials used in the seven to eight, South Asia is one of the biological use. All over the world with a annual capacity of 500000 tons. In 2010, south
dragon group as the first biodegradable material fields for its local enterprises, through the cooperation between colleges and the introduction of foreign talents, research and development with great concentration, at present this project has access to two countries only
, and small batch production.
chief says, white pollution phenomenon is increasingly serious, the enterprise has the responsibility to exert a force for environmental protection career. Such as the area of each year more than 200 million acres of plastic film mulching, remnants of membrane pollution
soil can reduce crop yields, if it can be promotion biodegradable plastic, can achieve zero pollution, but the biodegradable plastics is still difficult to promote reason why & other; It's too expensive & throughout; 。
  “ We use the most traditional ordinary blown film machine. ” Workshop, the workers will be polylactic acid particles in a old machine, blow out soon paragraphs white plastic,
informed that Dr Wong also surprised.
according to introducing, biodegradable materials on the market at present is the price of 2 to 3 times of that of normal. South Asia biology will be modified material to use common machine processing, greatly reduced the cost of the
, its price is only slightly higher than the ordinary material, 20% to 30% lower than the domestic similar products.
head also said that these two years, every year there are customers to the company's order is applied to sheet, biodegradable plastic shopping bags, etc. Predicts 2020, the world may fall
solution plastic market share will account for about 10% of South Asia are expected to usher in a huge market of modified materials.
biodegradable plastic realize the new breakthrough
need of special note is that China's current production of starch plastics filler type starch plastics mostly. According to the standard requirements, developed countries after 2014,
biodegradable plastics & other; Impurities & throughout; Must be below 15%. South Asia the first step, the absolutely pure natural materials, without any admixture in common plastic components.
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