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Bijie cosmetics packaging and printing process

by:Lisson     2020-06-09
Bijie cosmetics packaging and printing process, PCTA, PETG: belongs to the environmental protection material, can be directly with the cosmetic, food, is the main material of filling organic skin care products, material is qualitative soft, shape, PCTA and PETG is soft easy to scrape. And not commonly used spray-painting multi-purpose printing. E, flocking sheet ( PVC and PS plate) A variety of color thickness of 0. 2mm— 0. 8 mm frosting: a layer of frosted texture. '' eia' have no. On September 27, at a regular press conference in September of environmental protection, environmental protection, director-general of the department of eia Cui Shuhong such examples. The effect of eia, popular, is the source to prevent and control pollution 'and' firewall ', 'in the control and strength, spatial layout and scale can play a huge role. Environmental protection industry to achieve great development cannot leave the policy support. High-energy executive chairman of Beijing LingJinMing said, as the article 10 of 'water', 'ten atmosphere' and 'soil' of article 10, more detailed and clear, is bound to drive the input of environmental protection. At the same time, it will eliminate some uncompetitive environmental protection enterprises, accelerate the pace of the environmental protection industry consolidation, bring new space for the development of the industry. 'Operational mechanism of the monitoring data confidential responsibility, must sign confidentiality agreement with monitoring station. 'Said' the detailed rules for the implementation ', without the consent of the monitoring station, city station data are not permitted to be provided to any third party, shall not use city station data, files, or relevant information to conduct technical exchanges, scientific research, business contact, data exchange, etc. On March 1, 2016 formally implemented new gb air purifier products. According to the new, consumer should choose air purifier is mainly focus on four indicators: clean air quantity ( CADR) , the purification efficiency, the accumulation of particulate matter purification capacity ( CCM particulate matter) And noise. 'In recent years, consumer awareness of air purification, as we are one of the market. Along with the advance of science and technology and the production scale, PET bottle blowing machine is more and more high degree of automation, production efficiency is becoming more and more high. Equipment production capacity, by the thousands of bottles per hour production development to the present production of tens of thousands of bottles per hour. 2, plating (injection molding process: UV) Effect: compared with spray figure out is bright. Through successful overseas mergers and acquisitions, the introduction of advanced environmental protection technology, high-end equipment manufacturing capacity and global market channels and, tianxiang rapid technical level and competitiveness, achieved strong growth in turnover. In 2016, and 2015, tianxiang's revenue was 4, respectively. 9. 4 billion yuan, 10. 7. 4 billion yuan, the profit is zero. 4. 7 billion yuan, 1. 2. 7 billion yuan. It is reported, farmland, construction land soil, to be published before the end of 2017. But at present our country some changes to the project progress lags behind, and tradable permits, etc, it is necessary to strengthen the synergy of form a complete set of new system to strengthen scientific basis should be strengthened, and revising the efficiency of work and need to focus on. Environmental protection equipment industry market space expands the stronger gradually into the strong trend events: department issued 'about accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry guidance'. Recently, the department issued by the 'about' instructional advice on accelerating the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. According to the opinion, our country will develop equipment of air pollution, water pollution and equipment nine key areas such as environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry. In the file directly put forward 'priority support protection of the water, such as high degree of marketization, public service demand, cash flow, can be sex strong industry capitalization. 'It is understood that the environmental protection industry as the domestic business is one of the early implementation of the PPP, have many high quality conforms to the condition of the PPP project and rich practice, in the first four PPP asset-like project 2 for environmental projects. 【 Environmental protection industry dynamic online 】 On December 22, the soil pollution act ( The draft) 'In the second instance, the above several pertinent provisions. 6, acrylic: material is hard, in shape, color and white. X and acrylic in order to maintain the simple sense of the handiest spray bottle, or in injection for coloring. Bottle preform quality depends largely on the merits of the PET material, should choose the material easy to blow, easy to finalize the design, and formulate reasonable bottle preform molding process. Experimental results show that the same viscosity of PET bottle preform materials forming, imported raw materials than domestic material for blow molding; And the same batch of bottles billet, production date, blow molding technology may also have bigger difference. Bottle preform quality decides the difficulty of blow molding process, the requirement to the bottle preform is pure, without impurities, no color, length and halo around the injection point. 11, bag filling, and cost, packaging materials for a single, processing fee is 0. 08 yuan/a, processing order quantity is 10000 packages, material consumption by 2%; Roll of film materials, processing fee 0. 03 yuan /, processing order quantity is 100000 packages, the loss of the material is about 0. 8公斤( Used for the filling machine and quantity) 。
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